Pos/display cases


Transparent display case

Clear styrene moulding

Leaflet dispencer

Gloss coated 150gsm mounted onto 1500u white board


Gloss coated 150gsm mounted onto 1800u board

Finishes / Processes

Machine varnish

Mounted straight edges

Double A frame at the back


Transparent display case

Special business card; 50*115*37mm

For B6 document (100*210mm);200*107*34mm

For A5 document (150*210mm);200*131*35mm

For A4 document (210*297mm);280*231*42mm

Leaflet dispencer

For cards 90*60mm; pediment 120*110mm-receptable 92*82*50mm

For document 100*150mm; pediment 140*215mm- receptable 50*105*30mm

For document 100*210mm; pediment 160*245mm-receptable 50*100*30mm

For document 150*210mm;pediment 200*215mm-receptable 50*155*30mm

For document 210*297mm; pediment 255*302mm-receptable 80*215*50mm


210*210mm  - 297*210mm - 297*420mm

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